Պրոյեկտորի էկրան Epson SilverFlex® Ultra 120″ Ambient Light Rejecting Super Mega Screen

  • Ultra high-definition 120″ Super Mega Screen
  • Ambient light rejection
  • Ultra wide viewing angle
  • No glare
  • Packaged for easy
  • Thin bezel
  • Easy assembly
  • No wires
  • Dark silver screen material
  • Epson quality and reliability


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  • Ultra high-definition 120″ Super Mega Screen — larger-than-life screen engineered for the most demanding high-resolution content, including 4K and beyond
  • Ambient light rejection — can absorb up to 90% of the ambient light, protecting the picture from being washed out, while enhancing the brightness produced by the projector
  • Ultra wide viewing angle — up to 180 degrees – significantly more than that of a standard flat panel TV – enables content to be seen from almost anywhere in the room
  • No glare — screen material does not reflect your environment
  • Packaged for easy handling — comes rolled and packed in a box that can be easily transported
  • Thin bezel — for a fixed, sleek, modern design that will impress your friends
  • Easy assembly — lightweight aluminum frame for easy shipping, handling and installation
  • No wires — it requires no power and no signal cable, so no need to run anything through the wall or use cable covers
  • Dark silver screen material — enhances the contrast and black level performance while adding an elegant look and feel to surrounding décor
  • Epson quality and reliability — designed for optimum performance with Epson EpiqVision Ultra short-throw laser projectors
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