Պրոյեկտոր Epson Pro Cinema LS10500 3LCD Reflective Laser Projector with 4K Enhancement and HDR

  • Laser Light Source
  • 1080p Resolution
  • Contrast Ratio
  • 4K Enhancement Technology
  • Lens Shift
  • 3-Dimensional Picture


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Laser Light Source

Epson projectors with laser light source offers high-speed contrast control, a wider color gamut and rapid warmup and cool down

1080p Resolution

1080p Full HD widescreen resolution. Display Full HD content, for seamless picture quality and crisp, clear detail.

Contrast Ratio

Absolute Black contrast ratio

4K Enhancement Technology

Epson’s 4K Enhancement Technology delivers astonishing picture quality — every subtle intricacy is captured.

Lens Shift

Equipped with horizontal and vertical lens shift

3-Dimensional Picture

2D & 3D Full HD technology puts you right in the middle of exciting, lifelike adventures.

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